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Thursday, June 2, 2005

10:23AM - cabincrewband --> killer_aspect

Given the fact that Cabin Crew have taken on a new name (Killer Aspect -> See the message quoted below). This community has been relocated to:
Therefore, please re-apply to that community, since that's where all the fun is gonna be.
Thank you!

And an additional huge thanks to Timo for posting this:


Happened to check out killer guestbook and found this. I decided to come here and drop some info. First of all we have to change our bands name, since there is already a techno band called cabin crew. We will only do a few more gigs as cabin crew. Our new name will be Killer Aspect. This is a combination from our former band names. Me, Teijo and Jukka of course Killer. Our guitarist used to have a band called Personal Aspect, so that's where we took the Aspect from. So Killer Aspect it shall be. COOL! We are currently working on a website and it will be opened in a few weeks, hopefully in a few days. That's where people will find info about releases and maybe a few music clips as well. The address will be www.killeraspect.com so check it out! I'll try to come here and post when the pages are up!

So cool of you people to start this community!!


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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

5:54PM - Welcome to our cabincrewband community

This is a community about the Finnish band CabinCrew. Here we talk about the band, their music and their gigs. However, since this band is quite new, there isn't much info yet. So this commmunity will change as soon as info come in.
We're not associated with the band, nor do we know them. We are just fans who are very curious about their music. If you, like us, are curious and want to talk about them, then come and join us. Also, if you have info to share, this is the place to post it.

This community is friends only, so you need to join it to take part in the fun! ;)

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